Best Motorcycle/ATV Dealer

Grizzly Harley Davidson

Your younger self probably never saw this coming (did your younger self see anything coming?), but here you are anyway, pushing 50, kids out of the house, their college paid for, and not only are you gainfully employed—at a badass local newspaper, let’s say—but your badass local newspaper just got snapped up by a giant chain of even more wildly profitable newspapers, let’s say, and the new bosses are so eager to keep you happy—because that’s just how the newspaper business rolls—that they’ve arranged a big fat bonus as a token of their appreciation. Your younger self might have used the windfall as a down payment on a house, but you bought your house years ago, when you could still do that in Missoula without being a millionaire, and it’s almost paid off by now. So, what to do with $25,000 and the hot breath of late middle age breathing down your neck? Three words: Road King, baby. You’ve earned it. And when you’re ready to claim your reward, you go to Grizzly Harley Davidson, because that’s where this dream comes true. Grizzly Harley Davidson: 5106 Harrier Dr • 800-431-2453 •

Finalists, Best Motorcycle/ATV Dealer

2. Maverick Motorsports • 4950 N Reserve St • 549-4260 •

3. Kurt’s Polaris • 2904 W Broadway St • 541-3651 •
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