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Tom Catmull

Tom Catmull recently put out a solo album called Words & Malady that’s a little darker than his usual pop-folk and Americana stuff. We weren’t surprised, though. In the many years that Catmull has been around Missoula, he’s shown a talent for versatility and he appeals to many different people and their many different moods, which is why he wins this category almost every year. Is he psychically connected to the musical part of our brain? We wonder. Whether he’s playing an acoustic set at the Symes Hotel or plugged in with his newest group, Tom Catmull’s Radio Static, at the Union Club, Catmull has Missoula under his spell. Tom Catmull: 807 A Bulwer St, 214-9571,

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2. John Floridis:

3. TIE

Andy Dunnigan:

Ryan Maynes

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