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Tom Catmull

It’s been just over two decades since Texas native Tom Catmull rolled into Missoula with his soul-searching, swingable blend of Americana. If there’s one thing the guitarist has been thankful for all those years, it’s the level of support he’s felt from the community whose hearts and feet he so quickly won over. “Missoula seems to support it,” Catmull says of his music, and of art in general. “They want it. Not just need, want.” The status of “musical staple” can make it challenging for an artist to adopt a new style, but Catmull has done exactly that in recent years with the aid of an electric guitar. He’s fortunate, he says, in that the newer stuff “filters slowly” into local eardrums, allowing him to pepper a solo gig at a local brewery with a few newer originals that might still surprise even his most loyal listeners. Tom

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2. John

3. Bob

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