Best Neighbors

Steve Daines

Staff Pick

We’re willing to bet there have been more than a few raised eyebrows on South Reserve Street this summer. Republican Steve Daines’s congressional campaign set up shop in a cute little storefront on the corner of Mullan Road. Staffers even put up a campaign sign advertising “more jobs, less government.” The choice of location is more than a little ironic, we’d say, considering the patronage next door. Daines’s new neighbor—Patty P’s Smoke Shop—is a local, independent business, the kind folks on both sides of the aisle say is the backbone of Montana’s economy. The rub? Patty P’s also happens to be a head shop, the kind of venue that sells items Republicans tend to keep their distance from. Now, we’re pretty positive Patty P’s didn’t show up on Daines’s doorstep with a plate of welcome brownies, but if ever there was an odd couple, this is it.

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