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Local Yokel

photo courtesy Sam Tolman - LOCAL YOKEL
  • Local Yokel
  • photo courtesy Sam Tolman

Remember when everyone was into saying “YOLO” all the time? Well, now it’s time to start saying “LoYo”—as in Local Yokel, Missoula’s new bluegrass-inspired band. The five-piece outfit has been worming its way into the hearts and minds of the string community lately, opening at Top Hat shows and making quite the impression. In their anthemic song “Demons,” vocalist/guitarist Ethan Ryan sings about Missoula: “This city calls my name, when I am worlds away/laying down my head at night I dream about the day/when I return to the place that I now call my home/it’s the land of the hills and pines/ooh! I’m comin’ home.” Aw, LoYo. The feeling is mutual. Lokel

Finalists, Best New Band

2. Mesozoic


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