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You have to know a little something about the City of Brotherly Love to appreciate the authenticity of Missoula’s best new restaurant. It starts with the Amoroso rolls shipped in straight from Philly; they’re as distinctive as Manhattan bagels, except New York sucks, especially the Giants and…Fly Eagles, fly! On the road to vic-tor-y! Oh, wait, where were we? The rolls. They’re the real deal. Then there’s the Tastykakes on the counter. You can’t get these delicious little dessert treats outside Philly—sort of like Andy Reid, but don’t even get us started on that guy. And then there’s the perfectly chopped rib-eye slathered with Whiz inside the Amoroso roll, and a side of gravy fries, and maybe a slice of thin-crust just like what you’d find on South Street. It’s enough to make you ache for back home—except the Andy Reid part. Philly West: 134 W. Broadway, 493-6204,

Finalists, Best New Restaurant

2. Burns Street Bistro: 1500 Burns St., 218-9601,

3. TIE
Café Zydeco:
2101 Brooks St., 926-2578,
Buffalo Wild Wings: 2615 Radio Way, 829-9464,

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