Best Optometrist

Sandy Sheppard

Readers' Pick

An Indy writer recently found himself straining to focus on the computer screen and kept getting headaches. So he went to see Dr. Sandy Sheppard, because Indy readers last year voted her the best optometrist in town. She determined he had astigmatism and prescribed glasses. The headaches have subsided. Very satisfied with Sheppard, he hoped she’d win again. She did. Now he’s writing a Best of Missoula blurb about her. How circular. Like eyeballs. Sandy Sheppard: 700 South Ave. W. #G; 549-4851;

Finalists, Best Optometrist

2. Jeff Lebsock, Costco 3220 N. Reserve; 523-9980;

3. Kim Everingham, Rocky Mountain Eye Center 700 W. Kent; 541-3937;

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