Best Optometrist

Sandy Sheppard

Sandy Sheppard has two passions: optometry and theater. She attends every local drama production that she can, and Sheppard also puts her money where her mouth is by providing a constant stream of funding to the arts scene. When it comes to work, our readers’ favorite optometrist is in a class by herself, turning what could be a mundane process into upbeat, personal visits. One softball player related how he went to Sheppard complaining of his difficulty in getting a bead on long fly balls that came his way in the outfield. She produced a baseball, held it at arm’s length, and trotted across the room toward the patient to determine the point at which he could focus. Now that’s a flair for the dramatic. Sandy Sheppard: 700 South Ave, 549-485,

Finalists, Best Optometrist

2. Jeffery Lebsock Costco: 3220 N Reserve, 542-0191

3. Kim Everingham, Rocky Mountain Eye: 700 W. Kent, 541-3937,

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