Best Personal Trainer

Laura Bender

When Laura Bender launched her business in 1989, there were no other personal trainers in town, meaning even the weightlifting, yoga and nutrition guidance she offered was a novelty. Twenty-five years later, personal trainers dot the local landscape, but Bender’s still ripped and she’s still considered the best. Among the reasons for Bender’s staying power is her enhanced training regimen. Two years ago, Bender realized that she wanted to do more to help clients. They were physically healthy, Bender says, “but they weren’t emotionally healthy.” That awakening led her to become certified as a meditation instructor. Bender now calls her practice “holistic personal training,” which means clients can be of sound body and mind. Laura Bender, Bodies by Bender: 113 W. Main St, 728-4395,

  • photo by Cathrine L. Walters

Finalists, Best Personal Trainer

2. Taylor Selig, Max Muscle: 3055 N. Reserve St, 543-4629,

3. Rhea Black, Momentum Athletic Training: 214 1/2 E. Main St, 541-7474,


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