Best Personal Trainer

Laura Bender

Laura Bender’s Main Street studio doesn’t feel much like a traditional gym. Visitors and clients are instead greeted by votive candles, soft guitar music and a rambunctious Jack Russell terrier, Bertie. There’s a reason for this, explains Bender. “Originally, everything was based on the weight room, that’s what this profession was built on,” she says of when she first started in 1989. “But now the world has changed, and so has my practice. I’m a mind-body fitness trainer.” Whether that’s through weight lifting, yoga, meditation or whatever else moves you, Bender is there to advise on how to treat your body well. The 58-year-old practices what she preaches, too. She usually gets up at 5 a.m. to work out before she spends a full day training her clients. Laura Bender, Bodies by Bender: 113 W Main St • 546-7716 •

Finalists, Best Personal Trainer

2. Rhea Black, Momentum Athletic Training • 214 1/2 E Main St • 541-7474 •

3. TIE:
Rachel Plumage, Title Boxing Club
• 1200 West Kent Ave • 926-1770 •
Bonnie Bell, The Sweat Shop • 360-9707 • 225 N Higgins Ave, Ste B •

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