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We know from experience what it’s like to be dragged helplessly behind a canine totally overcome by the sensory overload of a warehouse full of toys, treats and strange furry critters. And once you have seen a dog actually black out with joy, it seems cruel to deprive him of that experience. So, as a community scarily in tune with the wants and needs of our furry friends, it is no surprise our readers voted PetSmart the best one-stop shop for all their pet supplies. Even if it means having to tear Fido away from the floor-to-ceiling stack of dog food he has now claimed as his own. PetSmart: 2850 N. Reserve; 549-9188;


2. GoFetch!: 517 S. Higgins; 627 Woody St; 728-2275;

3. Pet Nebula: 2100 Stephens Ave; 541-9929;

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