Best Physical Therapis

Brace Hayden, Alpine Physical Therapy

Readers' Pick

When asked what makes him the best in town, Brace Hayden jokes that he doesn’t have any canned answers handy. He just does his job, he says, an edge of humor in his voice. And after seven years of physical therapy work in Missoula, it feels “good to get time in the spotlight.” Hayden sees about 40 patients per week on average, and he spends enough time with each to craft a unique physical therapy routine. Whether you’re recovering from back surgery or a blown knee, Hayden isn’t going to rush you. He plays Ultimate. He plays soccer. He bikes and skis. In short, Hayden doesn’t just understand what brought you to Alpine. He understands why you want to get back out there, in the best shape possible. Alpine Physical Therapy: 5000 Blue Mountain Rd., 251-2323,

Finalists, Best Physical Therapist

2. Jill Olsen, Peak Physical Therapy: 1940 Harve St., 542-0808,

3. Rob Gillespie, Axis Physical Therapy: 420 N. Higgins, 542-3333,


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