Best Physical Therapist

Rob Gillespie, Axis Physical Therapy

Readers' Pick

It’s been five years since Rob Gillespie helped found Axis Physical Therapy here in Missoula. They’ve recently put a lot of emphasis on movement correction, he says, which has allowed Gillespie to exercise his expertise in running and gait analysis. But he’s “not a self-promoter,” preferring to talk more about the joys of helping others than his own accolades. The best part about working at Axis? “Working with Missoula athletes who refuse to give up,” he says. Judging by this award, it seems Gillespie’s good at making sure they don’t. Robert Gillespie (Axis): 420 N. Higgins; 542-3333;


2. Linda Redfern (Valley Physical Therapy): 2105 Bow St; 327-0706

3. Dennis McCrea (Peak Performance Physical): 2360 Mullan; 542-0808

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