Best Physical Therapist

Brent Dodge, Alpine Physical Therapy

Missoula residents tend to play hard. That means we attack ski hills with vigor, push ourselves on trail runs, battle through the burn on bike rides and choose the most challenging route up the mountain. With these pursuits comes triumph and, unfortunately, the occasional injury. Brent Dodge at Alpine Physical Therapy specializes in getting you back from the latter and feeling the former. With a passion for science, medicine, fitness and helping people, Dodge helps develop and guide patients through treatments that get them back on the hill, trail, bike or mountain as quickly as possible, and in a way that has them performing at an even higher level. Brent Dodge, Alpine Physical Therapy • 5000 Blue Mountain Rd • 251-2323 •

Finalists, Best Physical Therapist

2. Morgan York-Singer, Alpine Physical Therapy • 5000 Blue Mountain Rd • 251-2323 •

3. Tim Messer, Active Physical Therapy • 1410 S Reserve St • 829-9600 •

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