Best Place for Kids’ Fun

A Carousel for Missoula & Dragon Hollow

If you spend enough time in Missoula raising kids, these places tend to mark your children’s growth. Early on, it’s about sitting in chariots on the carousel and hoping your kid doesn’t puke. A year later, it’s graduating to a horse that doesn’t go up and down and white-knuckling a ride without the aid of a parent, or having the courage to slide down one of Dragon Hollow’s steeper slides. Another year, it’s free carousel rides on Thanksgiving Day and getting halfway on the park’s monkey rings. Before long, the kids are getting competitive about grabbing the carousel’s golden ring and rolling their eyes when Dad asks if they want a push on Dragon Hollow’s tire swing. So far, our kids haven’t outgrown the place—and, as parents, we know we never will. A Carousel for Missoula & Dragon Hollow • 101 Carousel Drive • 549-8382 •

Finalists, Best Place for Kids’ Fun

2. Children’s Museum • 225 W. Front St • 541-7529 •

3. spectrUM • 218 E. Front St • 728-7836 •

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