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Caras Park

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Caras Park is right next to the river and smack in the middle of downtown. Besides those obvious amenities, the park wins these categories because it caters to all kinds of people. Summers aren’t summers without Wednesday’s Out to Lunch and Thursday’s Downtown ToNight, both of which feature food vendors selling their spicy noodles, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and slow-cooked barbecue, plus musicians rocking out on the park’s newly constructed stage. The large crowds these events attract are what also make it the best place to observe Missoula’s diverse collection of people, from khaki-clad professionals to stroller-bound toddlers, and everyone in between. Caras literally is the place to see Missoula, and the place to be seen.

Finalists, Best Place for People-Watching

2. Farmers' Markets

3. Southgate Mall

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