Best Place for People-Watching

Caras Park

If you like watching people kayak, make out, smoke weed, spin fire, play music, eat hot dogs, walk hot dogs, ask for change or perform interpretive dance, then you’ll love Caras Park. But of course you already do! The star of Missoula’s greenbelt has room for thousands, as evidenced by summer’s weekly lunch/dinner in the park events. Not to mention brewfests, Hempfest, Localfest, (your-event-here)fest bringing every cross-section of this town out of the woodwork. A little secret: Watching people who are watching people is very satisfying. They tend to let their guard down. Get off Facebook and do some real voyeurism!

Finalists, Best Place for People-Watching

2. Southgate Mall

3. Farmers Markets

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