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Union Club

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Missoula’s a town that knows how to move. Whether it’s rock tunes, dubstep or folk, locals love nothing more than getting out on a dance floor. There’s never a slow night at the Union when the music’s playing. Swing is the style here. The more twirling, dish-ragging and dipping, the better. It can get pretty packed, but again, Missoula knows how to move, even if it involves moving around someone else’s partner. Just beware the pillar in the center of the floor. The voice of experience says it’s got a pretty wicked bite. Union Club: 208 E. Main St., 728-7980.

Finalists, Best Place to Dance

2. The Badlander 135 W. Broadway, 549-0235

3. Top Hat 134 W. Front St., 728-9865

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