Best Place to Get a Snowboard

Edge of the World

You know how when you’re in the middle of a huckfest and some meat torpedo does a nose manny in your path, causing you to scorpion into the pow to avoid a total fraggle? Yeah, we hate that. When it comes to snowboarding, knowledge is power. Edge of the World is here to not only provide you with the epic gear and crunchy snowboard wear, but they also host clinics throughout the season to demonstrate boarding style and technique. Anyone who’s attended their Treasure State Shredfest at Caras Park will tell you that Edge of the World is the center of the snowboarding universe. Edge of the World: 618 S. Higgins, 721-7774,

Finalists, Best Place to get a Snowboard

2. Bob Ward & Sons, Inc: 3015 Paxson St, 728-3220,

3. Gull Ski & Snowboard: 2601 W. Broadway, 549-5613,

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