Best Place to Get a Snowboard

Board of Missoula

Board of Missoula opened in 1989, when snowboarders were the black sheep of the ski slopes. The shop rebranded as Edge of the World in 2003 and has continued to be a favorite shopping spot and cultural mecca for the skateboard/snowboard crowd. In March, Chris Bacon took over as owner and renamed the shop Board of Missoula, again, bringing it back to its roots. Bacon’s own roots in the community bode well for a shop that continues to cultivate a space where cutting-edge gear is sold by some of the biggest and baddest boarding geeks in town. Board of Missoula: 618 S Higgins Ave • 721-7774 •

Finalists, Best Store for Mountaineering Gear

2. Bob Ward's Sports & Outdoors • 3015 Paxson St • 728-3220 •

3. Gull Ski & Snowboard • 2601 W Broadway • 549-5613 •

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