Best Place to Save a Damsel in Distress

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People of a certain age may remember a game involving an angry gorilla squaring off against a spry plumber in a barren industrial wasteland, all over a girl. It’s always over a girl, isn’t it?

We’re talking about Donkey Kong, of course, the Nintendo arcade game that captured a generation and continues to spark a certain amount of nostalgia (and one especially well done documentary, The King of Kong). For most of us, all these gauzy, eight-bit rendered recollections are just that—something old and unattainable in a world of high-definition gaming consoles that fit nicely next to your living room flat screen. Except at Taco del Sol on Brooks Street. There, hidden behind a décor of snowboards and band stickers, sits a vintage arcade game straight out of your childhood. For a quarter, you can revisit the sticky joystick and one-button control of your youth, jump over flaming barrels and, if you’re lucky, save the girl at the summit of the warehouse. Celebrate with a supreme burrito and a Cold Smoke, if you want. Or just deposit another quarter and go for the high score.

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