Best Place to Walk Dogs

Blue Mountain

With 5,500 acres of mountain forest, Blue Mountain is one of the most diverse, complex trail systems in western Montana, and thousands of Missoula dog owners are hip to it. Dogs are allowed off-leash but must be under voice command. (“Buster, unhand that Schnoodle!”) Dog logs must be picked up and packed out. Your mutt can sniff and pee her way along 41 miles of trails that will take you to incredible vistas of the Bitterroots, the Sapphires and the Rattlesnake Mountains. If you have the stamina, trek the 11 miles to the top of Blue Mountain and you can see the twinkling lights of Lolo and Missoula on a clear summer night.

Finalists, Best Place to Walk Dogs

2. Bark Park

3. Riverfront Trail

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