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Caras Nursery

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From garden starts to Christmas trees, Caras Nursery boasts the most popular inventory of for-sale flora in town-and has for 104 years. Want a native alternative to that imported lawn grass that’ll make home look more Montana? Caras has it. Not in the mood to bust the bank making the patio look nice? Recent deals at Caras this summer included $5 off all hanging baskets. Don’t have a patio? The landscaping department can take care of that, too. There’s a reason Missoula’s called the Garden City, and for years the votes have proven Caras Nursery is a big part of it. Caras Nursery & Landscaping: 2727 S. 3rd St. W; 543-3333;


2. Pink Grizzly: 1400 Wyoming St; 728-3370

3. Marchie’s: 1845 S. 3rd St. W; 542-2544

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