Best Poker Game

The Oxford

Readers' Pick

The Ox has a reputation for hosting a pretty cutthroat poker table, but when we sidled up one Saturday night it was more inviting than intimidating. A friendly older gentleman watching from the sidelines whispered advice in our ear and another player pulled out a chair. They may have just been looking for fresh meat at the table, but we’ll take hospitality like that-and, if we’re lucky, their money-anytime. The nightly game gets rolling around 8 p.m. With a minimum $10 buy-in and 25-cent antes, the price is right and rest assured, the beer is cold. The Oxford: 337 N. Higgins; 549-0117;


2. Stockman’s Bar: 125 W. Front; 549-9668

3. Silver Slipper Lounge & Casino: 4063 Hwy 93 S; 251-5402;

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