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We've seen some clever bathroom quotes in Charlie B's over the years. "I'm so ugly a female fly isn't attracted to me," and, on the condom machine, "For full refund, return baby." But the one that stands out the most—literally—is the prescient one-liner, "Just wait 'til the whole bathroom's painted BLACK!!!" which is surrounded by, you guessed it, black paint.

Restroom quotes usually appeal to our darker sense of humor, but this is ridiculous. Charlie's has always maintained a sense of tradition, and while the bar chose to do away with most of the bathroom's words of wisdom, it kept this bit from a local Nostradamus. More recently, someone else added the following in white ink: "Graffitti [sic] endures." If history holds true, we can only expect the Charlie's restroom to someday surround this statement with a fresh coat of white paint.

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