Best Real Estate Agent

Anne Jablonski, Portico Realty

If you’re looking to buy or a sell a house, look no further than Anne Jablonski at Portico Realty to help make the process smooth and stress-free. Committed, dedicated and experienced, Jablonski will listen to you, research options and follow through. She’s friendly, patient and steady in a business known for chaos. You’ll be glad to have her by your side from the house search to the closing table and for every twist and turn along the way. Anne Jablonski, Portico Realty: 445 W Alder St • 327-8787 •

Finalists, Best Real Estate Agent

2. Liz Dye, Portico Real Estate • 445 W Alder St • 531-4508 •

3. Mindy Palmer • 1020 South Ave W • 239-6696 •

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