Best Reason to Shirk Vegetarianism

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A vegetarian moves to Missoula. When he arrives, he's disgusted by the living conditions in which farm animals are raised, and by Americans' gluttonous consumption of them, and thinks ranchers are partly to blame for the West's environmental problems. But before long, his complaints fail to hold water. He soon tosses out his Boca Burgers and stocks the freezer with cuts of meat from a local rancher. He turns in his PETA membership for an elk tag. He slaps a "Cows not Condos" sticker on his car. To what can we attribute his enlightenment? Besides a slap upside the head, the answer is Lifeline Farm bacon, the vegetarian's gateway drug. These succulent strips from the Bitterroot Valley aren't your roommate's brittle, throw-in-the-microwave pig parts. These slices are as thick as steaks—so thick you can fit only three or four cuts in a pan. As it simmers, the bacon yields enough grease to mold a candle after it congeals. And the best part—well, aside from the amazing I-will-never-be-a-vegetarian-again relief—is that all of Lifeline's meats and cheeses are biodynamic, organic and locally raised and butchered. That makes us conscientious carnivores happy as a pig in slop.

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