Best Recession-era Fashion Advice

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In an economy like this, everyone has to cut costs. Many of us have decided we don't really need cable or a landline or quite as much junk from Wal-Mart. Money-crunched hipsters, meanwhile, have had a harder time cutting costs. They already shop secondhand, already only drink PBR and already style their hair with wood glue. Or so we've heard.

The next step of cost-cutting savvy shouldn't be too much of a—pardon the pun—stretch: buying kid-sized jeans. The current fashion trend already calls for impossibly tight denim. But rather than shopping for $200 jeans at designer outlets, local hipsters are turning to kids' sections to buy cheaper alternatives. Sure, it's easy to poke fun. But it's the hipsters who now have a little extra money in their pocket to buy another PBR—if only they could squeeze their hand in there to get it.

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