Best Retail Beer Selection

Orange Street Food Farm


Craig Holtet’s link to the Orange Street Food Farm goes way back—to before he was even born. His grandparents shopped at the store, as did his parents. Needless to say, Holtet has shopped there for pretty much his entire life, too. So when he and and Ron Ramsbacher bought the business this January, they were mindful not to tamper with what has made the Food Farm such a Missoula mainstay, including the reliably good music played over the store’s P.A. system. “I don’t think anything’s really changed,” Holtet says. “We’ve just added some selection, and we keep the price down.” The formula is working. This year, the Food Farm takes top billing in the Best Supermarket category from a perennial winner, the Good Food Store. There are no changes, however, when it comes to beer selection, as the Food Farm continues its reign. Holtet, though, is reluctant to take credit for the victories. “I think it’s the customers that make the store,” he says. The customers’ kindness to each other, he says, imbues the Food Farm’s aisles with a good feeling that draws other shoppers in. In return, the customers do make one demand, Holtet says: “‘Don’t change the music.’ I probably hear that five times a day.” Orange Street Food Farm: 701 S. Orange St, 543-3188,

Finalists, Best Retail Beer Selection

2. Worden’s Market & Deli: 451 N. Higgins, 549-1293,

3. Pattee Creek Market: 704 SW. Higgins, 543-8143,


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