Best Retail Wine Selection

Worden's Market & Deli

Here's a tip for the next time you sit down across from a date and pop open a nice bottle of wine to mark the occasion: Don't sniff the cork. The cork, for you rookies, is actually meant to be examined. You want to make sure it's in one piece and not moldy, because if it is the bottle could be of low quality. Needless to say, you will find no bum corks at Worden's. The venerable downtown market and deli stocks a staggering array of vino and is staffed by some of the most down-to-earth and knowledgeable experts this side of a French vineyard. And if you need additional help in avoiding any more rookie mistakes, we're sure they'll hook you up. Worden’s Market & Deli: 451 N. Higgins, 549-1293,

Finalists, Best Retail Wine Selection

2. CVS: 1914 Brooks St, 728-1380,

3. Good Food Store: 1600 S. 3rd St. W, 541-3663,

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