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Ever notice the stained glass above the door at Doc’s? It’d be easy to mistake the D.O.C. as a reference to the famed fictional and nonfictional doctors featured on the menu at Missoula’s favorite sandwich joint. But in fact, the sign stands for the initials of Doc’s founder, Dave O. Conrad. For nearly two decades, the shop has enjoyed a loyal following of hungry diners eager to fill their bellies with turkey and stuffing, hummus and cucumber, the aptly named Doc’s hangover stew and more. While the medical theme may be its calling card, that subtle front-door hint at Doc’s origins gives the place an added sense of community history. Doc’s Gourmet Sandwich Shop: 214 N. Higgins, 542-7414,

Finalists, Best Sandwich Shop

2. Tagliare: 1433 S. Higgins, 830-3049,

3. Dan’s Soup and San: 2730 S. Reserve St, 549-7263,


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