Best Sandwich Shop

Doc’s Gourmet Sandwich Shop

We visited Doc’s during a recent Friday lunch break and the line was nine people deep, the tables full (with, we were happy to note, at least half the patrons reading the most recent Indy) and a collection of stragglers waiting in the nooks for their to-go orders. When we quickly received our sandwich thanks to the friendly army working the back counters, the turkey was piled high, the tomatoes and lettuce fresh, the bread perfectly soft with a firm crust. All of it signaled why Doc’s won this category yet again—and then, just as we readied to leave, full and grateful and satisfied, we found that last reminder of Doc’s dominance. The cookie, added to every order, gratis. Doc’s Gourmet Sandwich Shop: 214 N Higgins Ave • 542-7414 •

Finalists, Best Sandwich Shop

2. Tagliare • 1433 S Higgins Ave • 830-3049

3. Dan’s Soup and San  • Out of business

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