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Many Missoulians live or die by the quality of their outdoor equipment. A leaky tent or a crummy pair of hiking boots can destroy an otherwise wonderful weekend in the local backcountry. So where do sporting enthusiasts turn for reliability? Bob Ward & Sons offers quality—and quantity—for everyone from anglers to hunters to casual joggers. They emphasize both a wide product line and a patient, competent service staff in all departments. "Every day we have people that say, 'Geez, way to go. It was sure nice being here,'" says manager Mark Anderson. "And we really try to nurture that kind of environment every minute." Bob Ward & Sons: 3015 Paxson St; 728-3220;


2. Brady's Sportsman's Surplus: 2315 Brooks (Tremper); 721-5502;

3. REI: 2230 N. Reserve #300; 829-0432;

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