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Pak Rat Storage

One key to the popularity of Pak Rat Storage is the sheer variety of storage units they offer. From a 3-by-6 cubbyhole to a 20-by-20 personal warehouse, you should be able to find a storage unit that’s just the right size to stash all that stuff that’s been accumulating in your house for years but you can’t bring yourself to get rid of because it might come in handy one day and oh my god you are not a hoarder. They offer two facilities, one off North Reserve, the other near Blue Mountain Road. With reasonable prices and a full-sized moving truck available, Pak Rat wins this year’s storage wars. Pak Rat Storage: 3655 Old Grant Creek Road; 5145 US-93 • 251-3813 •

Finalists, Best Storage Unit

2. Cheap Charley's • 6400 Kestrel Ct • 721-7277 •

3. Clark Fork Storage • 3505 Clark Fork Way • 541-7919

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