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River Road Storage

We’ve been thinking a lot these last few days about what might make one set of storage units stand out among all the rest as the best in Missoula, and frankly we can’t figure it out. Is it price? Cleanliness? Friendliness of proprietor? Location? Honestly we’re just not sure. But we do know one thing. Next time we need a storage unit we’re going to take the advice of Indy readers, who had no trouble at all picking River Road Storage out of the crowd. They must be doing something right. Storing stuff, probably. River Road Storage: 2220 River Road • 926-3158 •

Finalists, Best Storage Unit

2. Copperstone Stor-All • 8700 Roller Coaster Road • 728-7867 •

3. Mr. T’s Self Storage • 5075 Expressway • 541-7777 •
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