Best Store for Mountaineering Gear


If REI administrative specialist Tait Brink has one piece of advice for aspiring mountaineers, it would be to get proper instruction and be safe. That’s why the Reserve Street store takes the time to flesh out how backcountry savvy each customer is. “Everybody, I guess, is trying to find something different in the mountains,” Brink says. Does someone need ice axes and crampons, or just a sturdy pair of boots? Have they scaled Montana’s loftier peaks, or rarely left the city limits? For REI, Brink says, it’s not just about getting the customer what he or she wants. It’s about giving them what they need. REI • 3275 N. Reserve St • 541-1938 •

Finalists, Best Store for Mountaineering Gear

2. The Trail Head • 221 E. Front St • 543-6966 •

3. Bob Ward & Sons • 3015 Paxson St • 728-3220 •

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