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Morgenroth has spent 27 long years building up its musical empire. Through dedication and shrewd business planning, they’ve clinched the spot as Missoula’s go-to source for sheet music, lessons, instruments and repairs. It seems like there’s nothing these guys can’t do. They’ll hook you up with the right guitar, the right instructor and the right spirit to get you jamming like Hendrix. Well, okay, maybe not quite like Hendrix. But the point is, they’ll get you as close as possible—and they’ll enjoy doing it. Morgenroth Music Center: 1105 W. Sussex Ave., 549-0013,

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Finalists, Best Store for Musical Instruments

2. Electronic Sound & Percussion: 819 S. Higgins, 728-1117,

3. Outlaw Music: 724 Burlington Ave., 541-7533,

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