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Lots of studies find that music affects us in ways we don’t even realize, from enhancing our mood to improving our creativity. Playing music does even more, by improving our motor skills and language abilities. Children who had at least three years of music-playing experience were more dextrous and had better auditory discrimination abilities than those who didn’t, according to a 2008 study by Harvard researchers. So if you’d like to get your kid off to the right start, or just enhance your own brainpower, Morgenroth has all the tools you need, from guitars to saxophones to sheet music, plus lessons and expertise offered by the staff. And as the Morgenroth motto goes, “Life is short ... don’t forget to play.” Morgenroth Music: 1105 W. Sussex Ave, 549-0013,

Finalists, Best Store for Musical Instruments

2. Electronic Sound & Percussion: 819 S. Higgins, 728-1117,

3. Outlaw Music: 724 Burlington Ave, 541-7533,


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