Best Store for Musical Instruments

Morgenroth Music

Owner and company President Gary Bowman attributes Morgenroth’s popularity to the store’s family-friendly vibe. Among Morgenroth’s most sought-after services is its band and orchestra rental program. Curious students are encouraged to demo the instruments they feel most drawn to, and the shop keeps in touch with school music directors around the state to give kids a leg up in the selection process. “This is the next best thing to a toy when you’re 10 years old,” Bowman says. In other words, Morgenroth is big on planting musical seeds around town—and making sure those seeds have the resources to keep growing well after high school. Morgenroth Music: 1105 W Sussex Ave • 549-0013 •

Finalists, Best Store for Musical Instruments

2. Electronic Sound & Percussion • 819 S Higgins Ave • 728-1117 •

3. Outlaw Music • 724 Burlington Ave • 541-7533 •

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