Best Store for Skis

Gull Ski & Snowboard

There was one time when an Indy staffer became a human snowball as she crashed and burned on a snowboard. Yes, she was fine and so was the board. But as Gull employees will tell customers, skis can be easier to learn, since skiers feel they have more control with each foot fastened to a single ski. Luckily, Gull can prep skiers for the instant they feel they are perhaps losing a bit of control on that black diamond trail they might be regretting. Not only are skis tested out by the Gull crew, they have all the proper equipment to help prevent customers from ever following our tracks and becoming a human snowball. Gull Ski & Snowboard • 2601 W. Broadway St • 549-5613 •

Finalists, Best Store for Skis

2. Bob Ward & Sons • 3015 Paxson St • 728-3220 •

3. The Trail Head • 221 E. Front St • 543-6966 •

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