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Brown Sugar

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Lots of people hate on tanning and are quick to declare how they’d rather be pale than “orange.” Brown Sugar offers another solution, a ray of light for those of us who suffer from seasonal pale-pression but don’t want to be mistaken for Snooki. At Brown Sugar Tanning Salon, there are a variety of beds, tan enhancers and even UV-free spray tans that give Missoulians an even, healthy glow and not a built-in hunter’s safety vest. Brown Sugar: 1220 SW. Higgins, #3, 541-4441; 3275 N. Reserve St., #B, 830-3013,

Finalists, Best Tanning Salon

2. Rayz of Light: 1575 Benton Ave., 543-0205,

3. Misty's: 3101 S. Russell St., 543-0717.

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