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Blaque Owl Tattoo

When Blaque Owl owner Mike “Schaf” Schaefer was driving back to Missoula from Portland, Ore., after a tattoo expo, he was trying to think of something cool to call his tattoo shop. “Black” was definitely a part of the name, he decided, and “owl” seemed to fit. After making a slight adjustment to the spelling and securing a prime spot on Higgins Avenue, Blaque Owl came into its own and, for the fourth year in a row, makes a permanent mark on this category. Blaque Owl • 307 N. Higgins Ave • 543-0688 •

Finalists, Best Tattoos

2. Painless Steel • 1701 S. 5th St W • 728-1191 •

3. American Made • 234 W. Front St • 721-3830 •

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