Best Time to be Put on Hold

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Turns out few places in Missoula offer tunes to keep you entertained while you’re waiting to talk to muckety-mucks. We sampled some of the heavier hitters, hoping to find a good phone line to hold on. Maybe it’s just the allure of ’80s-style techno, but the City of Missoula won this one hands-down. The hold on Mayor John Engen’s phone offers some wicked electronic slap beat, lots of echo, and—if your call goes unanswered for more than 20 seconds—a dash of vibes. A bold choice, going with something so akin to the Blade Runner soundtrack. It’s scores better than the University of Montana, where being put on hold means being subjected to lengthy seconds of UM advertising. The Missoula County Commission’s office came close, if only for assuring us our call is important, but its lounge music seemed better suited to a department store.
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