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Walking Stick Toys

When you have a baby you’re suddenly all like, “I don’t want my baby to put nasty chemicals in her mouth or be exposed to radiation or wear something made in China.” And so you, who sometimes drinks Coke and has a cellphone clamped to your ear 24/7, goes to a place like Walking Stick Toys because you love your child that much. The locally owned toy store sells locally made and environmentally friendly products that, aside from being good for your kids, will kick-start their imaginations. We’re talking about truly magical things like dress-up clothes, fantastically illustrated books, science experiment kits, well-crafted teething toys, wooden rattles, games, little trucks and school buses, and soft elvish dolls. You can also learn to make fairy and gnome accessories, which will have your little one thinking you’re the greatest, at least until they hit their teens. Walking Stick Toys: 829 S. Higgins, 543-1179,

Finalists, Best Toy Store

2. The Learning Tree: Out of business

3. Target: 2420 N Reserve St, 543-4000,

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