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Garry Kerr says it's probably his contagious enthusiasm that makes him a hit in and out of the University of Montana's anthropology department. He's known for his animated classes and talking a mile a minute. In fact, he boasts that he once wore out two sign language interpreters during a single lecture. "I still look at the world as if I'm the student and not the professor," says Kerr, summing up his teaching strategy. But being best in class does have its downside, especially in a small town like Missoula. "I don't think there's a place I can go in town and be anonymous," says Kerr. "I'll be going to the bathroom somewhere and a student will come up and say, 'Hey, Garry, do you have my bonus paper?'"


2. Garon "G-Whiz" Smith

3. David Firth

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