Best University of Montana Professor

Garry Kerr, Anthropology

Anthropology professor Garry Kerr has returned to the throne in 2016, after a two-year hiatus from our list. His secret? Well, he’s not sure, but he does note that he’s one of few Missoulians who can claim to own elephant poop with seeds from the baobab trees still stuck inside. It’s a souvenir from several trips to Tanzania, where Kerr has led students on missions to reforest the headwaters of a local village, on the recommendation of Dr. Jane Goodall. His students say he cares deeply about teaching and turns potentially boring lectures into amusing, compelling stories, which in turn converts Anthro 101 from a boring gen-ed into a don’t-miss lecture series.

Finalists, Best UM Professor

2. Samir Bitar, Arabic Languages

3. Udo Fluck, Office of International Programs
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