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Come February, the veggie situation around Missoula starts looking pretty bleak. Produce aisles at chain grocery stores are stocked with bruised cucumbers and wilted lettuce. Avocados are nowhere to be found and we begin feeling like we’re going to develop scurvy from vitamin C deficiency. That’s where the Good Food Store comes in. The nonprofit stocks immaculate organics every day, a lot of which end up in its expansive and wildly popular salad bar. The store’s vegetarian food selection is similarly impressive—thank you, on behalf of everyone, for the new hot bar with daily vegetarian options—as are its gluten-free offerings. How dedicated is GFS? It even sells gluten-free pet food. Good Food Store: 1600 S. 3rd St. W, 541-3663,

Finalists, Best Vegetarian Food

2. Iza Asian Restaurant: 529 S. Higgins, 830-3237,

3. Five on Black: 325 N. Higgins, 926-1860,

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