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Pruyn Veterinary Hospital

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People deeply care about their companion animals. Taking a sick pet to the vet can be as fraught as taking a sick child to a physician—with the added challenge that pets rarely speak in ways that humans understand. They need advocates. Many Missoulians relish the advocacy they get at Pruyn Veterinary Hospital. At the long-established Pruyn, it’s not about cushy digs or waiting-room amenities. The waiting room is often crowded, because so many animal owners know the care they get there from veterinarians such as Shoni Card, the most sensitive and able animal clinician that one dog owner of our acquaintance has ever had the good fortune to encounter, is top-notch. Pruyn Veterinary Hospital: 2501 S. Russell St., 829-8150,

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Finalists, Best Veterinary Clinic/Hospital

2. Missoula Veterinary Clinic: 3701 Highway 93, 251-2400

3. Four Paws: 2625 Connery Way, 542-3838

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