Best Waiter/Waitress

Cheryl Nickey, Jakers

Don’t expect to see much boasting from Cheryl Nickey for her third—yep, third—win in this competitive category. She’s been a stalwart at Jakers for more than a decade, winning over customers and Indy readers with a simple and steady approach to waiting on tables. She’s unflappable, warmhearted, accommodating, great with kids and even better at remembering faces. Every time we settle in one of Jakers’ plush booths for some loaded potato skins, sizzling steaks and the signature salad bar, Cheryl greets us like old friends. It’s that sort of presence that keeps us going back—and keeps her atop this category.

Finalists, Best Waiter/Waitress

2. Jason McMackin, Burns St. Bistro

3. Jenny Lynn Fawcett, Burns St. Bistro


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