Best Waiter/Waitress

Cheryl Nickey, Jakers Bar & Grill

It’s been a rough year for Jakers Bar & Grill on Brooks Street. A Feb. 24 gas-line fire caused extensive damage to the kitchen and caused this popular Southside establishment to close for renovations until only recently. Longtime customers won’t notice much of a change when they walk into Jakers again, and that includes the friendly sight of venerable waitress Cheryl Nickey. The unflappable and unflinchingly kind server has been with the restaurant for more than a decade and has a knack for never forgetting a face. We intend to put that memory to the test when we finally get to revisit Jakers, and Cheryl, now that it’s thankfully reopened. Cheryl Nickey, Jakers Bar & Grill: 3515 Brooks St • 721-1312 •

Finalists, Best Waiter/Waitress

2. Matt Japel, Nara Korean Barbecue & Sushi

3. Jason McMackin, Burns St. Bistro

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